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Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope everyone had a great break.  School resumes this Thursday,  January 6th. Like everyone else, I was certainly hoping that we would be well beyond all of the Covid Protocol, but it appears we still have to deal with it for a bit longer.  I am linking the new guidance from the Douglas CountyContinue reading “Happy New Year Everybody!”

Countdown to Christmas

Well, it’s certainly countdown to Christmas vacation at Saint Joan today. I can never tell who is looking forward to Christmas break more, the students or the teachers. Here’s what I do know, everyone truly deserves some time off and time with family. Our wish for you is to have a safe and blessed Christmas.Continue reading “Countdown to Christmas”

Making Progress Reports

Be sure to check your chid’s backpack today.  First quarter progress reports were sent home.  That hardly seems possible.  I want to say thanks to the Ladies Guild for the left over ice cream from SausageFest. Students from DLA and SJA were treated to a bowl of ice cream in the back courtyard on TuesdayContinue reading “Making Progress Reports”

So Much Accomplished

Happy Friday Everyone! So much has been accomplished in the short time we have been back this school year.  We have figured out most of the routines and schedules so the traffic inside the building is moving smoothly, and I think most parents are figuring out the drop off routine in the morning.  Thank youContinue reading “So Much Accomplished”

It Starts

We are all putting in our last minute efforts to make sure that everything runs smoothly tomorrow.  We are excited to get the school year started.  Please remember that tomorrow and Thursday are Noon dismissals and there will not be any hot lunch served.  Students from the Dual Language Academy and Saint Joan of ArcContinue reading “It Starts”

Last Week of Vacation

It’s hard to believe that it’s the last full week of vacation for students. We are super busy getting everything ready for the start of the school year on August 18th. Please remember that August 18th and August 19th are Noon dismissal times, and we will not be serving lunch. The extended care program willContinue reading “Last Week of Vacation”

Reopened and Ready

The school office has reopened this week and Mrs. Vorland, Mrs. Hayes, and I are busy getting ready for another school year. Our first day of school is Wednesday, August 18th. We are dismissing at Noon on the first two days, and lunch is not being served. We are still looking to hire additional helpContinue reading “Reopened and Ready”

A Busy Month

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and getting ready to celebrate the Fourth!  June was a busy month with rooms getting emptied and cleaned for the Dual Language Academy to move in today.  It’s so exciting to see all of the planning finally taking shape.  For the past three weeks, DLA has hosted aContinue reading “A Busy Month”

Thank You

Thank you to all of the supportive parents who have sent cards, and gifts and food to help celebrate the wonderful teachers at Saint Joan of Arc.  It was a great week of daily surprises and blessings.   We were also celebrating the awesome job that the students did in the Read-A-Thon school fundraiser.  WeContinue reading “Thank You”

Dual Language Academy at SJA

Background There is growing excitement at St. Joan of Arc about the emerging relationship with the Dual Language Academy (DLA) of the Omaha Catholic Consortium. In the upcoming school year (2021-2022), we will take the first step in this journey by providing space for the DLA’s 150-175 students, and its innovative dual-language format. Much researchContinue reading “Dual Language Academy at SJA”


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