News and Updates

A Wonderful Graduation

Parents, We had a wonderful graduation Mass last night to celebrate our eighth graders. They had a cold windy night for their Confirmation and a cool rainy night for their graduation but they really shined through both. This morning the students and teachers are celebrating the end of our school year together. There were someContinue reading “A Wonderful Graduation”

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of our school moms and grandmothers. We hope your Sunday is filled with blessings, love, and some leisure time. Only two more Fridays in our school year. There is still much to be accomplished. Teachers have finished the STAR and Archdiocesan Assessments for the end of the year. STAR assessmentsContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day”

4th Quarter Progress

Hello Parents, Please check your child’s backpack this afternoon.  Fourth quarter progress reports are enclosed.  This is a very busy busy time of the school year.  Next week we will be working hard at each grade level completing Archdiocesan Assessments and STAR reading and math testing.  Please encourage your students to do their very bestContinue reading “4th Quarter Progress”