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Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope everyone had a great break.  School resumes this Thursday,  January 6th. Like everyone else, I was certainly hoping that we would be well beyond all of the Covid Protocol, but it appears we still have to deal with it for a bit longer.  I am linking the new guidance from the Douglas CountyContinue reading “Happy New Year Everybody!”

Countdown to Christmas

Well, it’s certainly countdown to Christmas vacation at Saint Joan today. I can never tell who is looking forward to Christmas break more, the students or the teachers. Here’s what I do know, everyone truly deserves some time off and time with family. Our wish for you is to have a safe and blessed Christmas.Continue reading “Countdown to Christmas”

Making Progress Reports

Be sure to check your chid’s backpack today.  First quarter progress reports were sent home.  That hardly seems possible.  I want to say thanks to the Ladies Guild for the left over ice cream from SausageFest. Students from DLA and SJA were treated to a bowl of ice cream in the back courtyard on TuesdayContinue reading “Making Progress Reports”