A Wonderful Graduation


We had a wonderful graduation Mass last night to celebrate our eighth graders. They had a cold windy night for their Confirmation and a cool rainy night for their graduation but they really shined through both. This morning the students and teachers are celebrating the end of our school year together. There were some challenges this year, but I’m so proud of our teachers who didn’t let those challenges get them down or get in the way of teaching students every day. We are all looking forward to the summer and being able to rest and recharge.

I want to convey a few of my thoughts about the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. As I became aware of the news yesterday, a familiar pit started to form in my stomach. I don’t know what the solution is to putting an end to these school shootings, but I know most parents, teachers, and administrators didn’t sleep very well last night, and expect everyone to do better. I am relieved that we are adding an extra layer of security to our building over the summer. And for everyone who thinks that’s going to be inconvenient, it’s a small price to pay. I’ll be reviewing our Crisis Plan over the summer and making revisions to match the new security. Please know that keeping kids safe is our highest priority. Give your kids an extra hug today after school.

I want to thank Ms. Blum, Ms. Reefe and Miss Noden again for their service to Saint Joan of Arc. I also want to say thank you to Father Lorig. I have really enjoyed working with Father Lorig over the past two years and admire his leadership and his terrific homilies. He has helped me grow in my faith along with the students at SJA. The Holy Spirit put him right where we needed him. We’re going to miss you, Father.

The school office will be open mornings from 8:00- Noon though June. Please check your child’s report card for any additional correspondence regarding lunch accounts or extended care. Have a great summer. God Bless!

Kayleen Wallace, Principal