Last Weekend to Donate

Happy Friday Everyone,

I have just a couple of items for this afternoon.  First, check your child’s backpack for their third quarter progress report.  Some families will also get a lunch statement attached.   Even though all school lunches are free again this year, some students order an extra entrée and there is a charge when they do so.  Some families have a carryover from last year.  Please remit payments as soon as you are able.

Our Read-A-Thon fundraiser ends on February 13th.  It’s not too late to ask neighbors, friends or relatives to contribute.  We’ve raised a little over $3,000.00 with 27 students participating in the fundraising portion.  Imagine how well we could be doing if all of the remaining students sought donations this weekend.

Congratulations to four of our eighth graders for receiving a high school scholarship based on their entrance exam scores.  Hats off to Tessie Biros (Gross), Lillianne Hernandez (Duchesne), Enrique Castillo (Roncalli) and Lily EJ Wells (Marian).   Thanks to the teachers who helped prepare the for their entrance exams.

Finally, don’t miss the Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast this weekend. Pancakes will be served after the 8:00 Mass.  Your child can tell you how delicious these pancakes taste since they got a sample last Wednesday.  Enjoy the weekend.

Kayleen Wallace, Principal