Wrapping Up CSW

We are wrapping up a successful Catholic Schools’ Week. The students enjoyed all of the activities but the Pancakes and PJ’s day was a favorite. On Tuesday afternoon, we had a very exciting Spelling Bee that had to be completed after school. The students were doing so well that we went into “overtime”. Congratulations to Vinny Caniglia (6th grade) for taking first place and Lily (EJ) Wells in eight grade for placing second. All the spellers were well prepared. I want to thank the SJA Student Council and Mrs. Blum and Ms. Reefe for coordinating the events. Parents, please remember we are in the middle of our Read A Thon fundraiser. So far we have raised over $2,000.00 and have read a combined 1831 minutes. The fundraiser goes until February 13th so there’s plenty of time to reach our goal of 6,000.00. Contact the school office office@sjaomaha.org if you are having trouble getting signed up.

Next week we have scholarship announcement day on Tuesday.  This is the day when Metro Catholic High Schools award scholarships based on the students’ entrance exam scores.  It’s a reminder that we are more than half-way through the school year and soon those eighth graders will be graduating and moving on to high school.  We will be having Valentine Day parties in the classrooms on Monday February 14th.  The middle school students will be bowling in the afternoon and the other grades will be celebrating in their classrooms with treats and games.  Be looking for directions from your child’s teacher as to how the kiddos can be exchanging Valentines.

It seems like everyone is staying healthy and I have no updates on any Covid cases.  I have my fingers crossed that we are heading in the right direction.  I’m hoping that we will be able to loosen some of our protocols here at SJA in late February or early March.  Have a great weekend!

Kayleen Wallace, Principalkwallace@sjaomaha.org