Making Progress Reports

Be sure to check your chid’s backpack today.  First quarter progress reports were sent home.  That hardly seems possible.  I want to say thanks to the Ladies Guild for the left over ice cream from SausageFest. Students from DLA and SJA were treated to a bowl of ice cream in the back courtyard on Tuesday afternoon.  Students and teachers seemed to enjoy the break from class and the treat. The fire department arrived on Wednesday morning for our annual fire drill check.  I”m pleased to report that everyone did a great job in exiting, even those tiny 3 year olds stuck together and exited in good time.  Please keep our 8th graders in your prayers as the continue to study and prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  An information meeting was held Wednesday evening at St. Thomas More, and today the 8th graders spent the day at the Pro Sanctity Center in Elkhorn for a Spirit retreat.  They were joined by the 8th graders from Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Thomas More.  It was a great day and I sure was proud of how well this class represented Saint Joan.  

I feel blessed that we completed another great week.  Everybody is working hard and staying healthy.  Have a great weekend everyone. 

Kayleen Wallace, Principal