So Much Accomplished

Happy Friday Everyone!

So much has been accomplished in the short time we have been back this school year.  We have figured out most of the routines and schedules so the traffic inside the building is moving smoothly, and I think most parents are figuring out the drop off routine in the morning.  Thank you for being patient, especially on the morning with all the rain.

Three important rules to remember when using the drop off lane, 1.  Pull all the way forward which is usually just a bit past the bell tower.  2.  Your student(s)  needs to be ready to be ready to hop out of the car when you stop.  3.  Do not pull around cars in the drop-off lane or try to fill in an open space.

All students have finished STAR testing this week.  Absent students will have the opportunity to complete tests next week.  Most of the younger students have been “benchmarked” for their reading level.  Kindergarten students do not “benchmark” at the beginning of the year.  Kindergarten’s first “benchmark” in reading takes place in January.

Many of you have asked if there is anything that we need for this school year.  I am reaching out today to ask for adult and youth size disposable face masks.  Our supply in the office was depleted rather quickly this year.  I would also ask that you check to make sure your student has a mask for the day…  prior to when you are in the drop-off lane.😊  

Please remember that we have a very long weekend ahead.  Students are not in session on Monday, September 6th or Tuesday, September 7th. 

Finally, I am including the guidelines from the DCHD for exclusion and re-admittance for ill students and staff.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Kayleen Wallace, Principal