It Starts

We are all putting in our last minute efforts to make sure that everything runs smoothly tomorrow.  We are excited to get the school year started.  Please remember that tomorrow and Thursday are Noon dismissals and there will not be any hot lunch served.  Students from the Dual Language Academy and Saint Joan of Arc will be getting dropped off at the same time and we will all be entering through the main doors.  There will be many more cars than usual in the drop off lane so please be patient.  Remember to enter on the north 74th street entrance and leave through the south 74th street exit.  Staff will be on hand to help direct traffic.  If you want to walk your child into the building, you need to park your car and then enter the building.  All parents wanting to walk children in the building need to be masked.  The Saint Joan of Arc Students will be gathering in the gym and the DLA students will go to the cafeteria and then move to the gym once we have left.  Below is a link to our 2021-2022 School Procedures.  

Health and Safety Procedures

Kayleen Wallace, Principal