Three Weeks Complete!

We are wrapping up another successful week of school and much has been accomplished.  All of our students had the opportunity to participate in Mass.  Almost every grade has completed Round 1 of our STAR Reading Assessment.  Next week we will move on to STAR math.  These tests are completed on-line.  Your child either took the test in the computer class or completed it on an iPad.  STAR testing will take place 3 times this year.  The next time students test will be in January and then again in the spring.  The data that teachers can gather from these tests helps enormously in our ability to personalize instruction at your child’s learning level.  We are using a new math series with our youngest students in grades K-2 and were excited to finally receive our shipment.  Our plan is to add additional grade levels each year to complete the transition to a more robust program.  

I know we are all praying and looking forward to the cooler weather that is forecast for next week.  While the classroom temperatures remain comfortable, it will be great to open classroom windows and spend more time outside for instruction.  I’m not sure how many of you have had the opportunity to meet our new pastor, Fr. Jeff Lorig.  He’s been pretty busy getting to know everyone at St. Joan of Arc and St. Thomas More.  He has been in the process of updating our parish and school website.  Check it out at  You can also access the new site from the Saint Joan of Arc Parish website.  Both Fr. Lorig and I will be adding more information to the new site over the next few days.  In addition to the new website, I am asking all parents to log into your school Sycamore School Account,  This is the best way to stay on top of lunch accounts, your child’s grades, and any forms that may have been misplaced. 

The students seem to be enjoying the Fabulous Friday Dress Down option.  Remember, these are every Friday until the end of October.  Students in Grades PK-2 dress in blue, Grades 3-5 in green, and Grades 6-8 in red.

Mark your calendars for the Saint Joan of Arc Annual Parish Festival on Saturday, September 12th.  You should have received a packet of raffle tickets to sell.  Your child can turn those in to the school office or give them to their classroom teacher.  Have a great weekend everyone.  

Kayleen Wallace, Principal