Sailing Through

From Kayleen Wallace, Princpal

We are sailing through the second week of in person instruction.  It seems as if this gets a little easier every day.  Thanks for all of your cooperation with the temperature screenings in the morning.  Please remember to sign the acknowledgment form that you received the first day and send it back to school.  

The hot lunch program is getting more popular each day and our lunch count is picking up.  Tomorrow is our first Pizza Hut Pizza Day.  That is always a favorite for students and staff.  We are limiting it to a “plus 1” for the first time serving.  So far the lunch periods have been operating smoothly.  The kids seem to be enjoying themselves. 

 You may have noticed that there are games painted on the parking lot.  Thanks go out to Mary Hayes, Molly Carlson and their husbands for coming up this past Saturday and getting those done. 

We decided to do something to make Fridays a bit more fun.  All Fridays from now until the end of October will be dress down days for the students. Until these past couple of days, the weather has been hotter than normal so I’m sure that the students will appreciate being able to wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.  To make it even more fun we are asking students in grades PK -Second Grade to wear something blue, Third Grade through Fifth Grade to wear something green, and Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade to wear something red. These grade levels are how they attend lunch, recess, and Mass. Groups showing the most unity in color choice will be eligible to a treat from the principal.  I do ask that you make certain that any wording on shirts is school appropriate and the shorts are a respectable length.   Fridays are our PE days so be sure to have the students wear tennis shoes.